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Session Flow & Fees

"Compassion has no limits when hope sustains you.”

– Rosario López, LCSW


The introductory session last 75 minutes. Regular sessions last 45 minutes. A session duration may be flexible upon request and need.

After the initial session, I encourage clients to a minimum commitment of 4 weekly sessions. After that, we can continue with weekly or biweekly sessions. I have found that regular, scheduled sessions, especially in the beginning, are most effective for bringing about long-term change in deeply deep-rooted patterning. 

For integrative Mind-Body & CHI sessions, please wear loose, comfortable clothing (like you may wear to the gym or a yoga class).

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. You will be charged for any session that is cancelled after that time. 

Virtual sessions are available.




At Creative Healing Initiative I believe that everyone deserves access to affordable mental health care.  In an effort to make services more accessible, I offer them on a sliding scale.  If you need a reduced fee, please inquire about sliding scale spots.  While I cannot guarantee to accommodate all income levels, I will do my best to make services as affordable as possible.  In the event that I do not have sliding scale spots available, I will make my best attempt to refer you to a provider who can accommodate your needs or to a reduced fee clinic.


Payment for session is made at each session unless other arrangements are made. Most sessions are 45 minutes long unless more time is necessary.



I set fees with mutual aid in mind and therefore scale my fees between $100-125 for those who might benefit from or contribute to a scholarship for therapy services. You and I will determine your fee in a collaborative way. 


Payment Tiers Guide - kindly remember that this is just a guide. We can determine your fee collaboratively before the session. Use this guide to inform our conversation.


Sponsor: $125 - household income of over $70,000 a year

(For clients able to pay my standard fee and who would like to support access to therapy for lower income B I P O C and L G B T Q I A+ clients. Please consider this rate if your annual household income is $80,000 or more.)


Sustainer: $100 standard rate - household income over $55, 000 a year 


Supporter: $80/$65 - household income less than $55,000 a year 

(For a limited number of lower income BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ clients as part of my commitment to provide accessible, quality mental healthcare to underserved populations. Priority is given to those with an annual household income of $35,000 a year or less.) 


Solidarity: Folks with lack of sustainable source of income: $60 - $50 (For a limited number of folks going through economic hardships. Priority is given to those with lack of employment) 



Payment is due at time of service. I accept debit/credit cards, PayPal, Zelle

"No judgments, invite kindness. Co-create a sacred, safer and a dynamic space for your authentic Self. "

Rosario López, LCSW

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