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"Healing is a co-creation of a brave and sacred space."
Rosario López

My work is geared towards helping people who are looking to address and transform the aspects of their life that are oppressing them.  Much of my experience is with adults who are experiencing significant life transitions related to identity, visions, sexuality, and interpersonal relationships during very difficult times.  I am also versed in working with people who are looking to process life experiences that are unresolved, issues related to family, as well as those who are looking to better understand and/or make changes to their relationship with substance use. I do meet with significant others at times when an existing client requests to bring in a significant other for a healing session or two. 

Support For:

Folx over 40 identified as women, non-binary and queer identities

Support with:
  • Overwhelming Feelings of Sadness and Restlessness
  • Grief and Loss
  • Life Cycle Transitions
  • Relationship Issues
  • Sexuality & Gender Identity
  • LGBTQI+ & Allies Wellness
  • Menopause
  • Body Image and Disordered Eating Issues
  • Problems with Drugs & Alcohol & Support for the Family

Creative Healing individual Sessions

We open each creative healing session looking at what issue you want to work on, and how you want to be feeling instead. From there, we explore some of the beliefs, fears, family patterns, trauma responses that might be underlying your current situation. 

One of my strengths is to identify patterns, and I offer those insights to the service of healing and releasing old wounds. These sessions may combine a) a non-judgmental creative expression using a variety of art techniques and exercises, with b) going to the root of whatever issue you are working on. After acknowledging and understanding the social oppressive context and clearing the old patterns and wounds, you can make space for new ways of looking at yourself and the world.

Sessions in Spanish are available. Sessions can also take place at your home!

(some restrictions apply/kindly contact me for details)


Integrative Mind-Body Sessions Including Sacred Rituals

After a 10-15 minutes to check-in, I conduct the session combining a) body practices to release blocked energy, with b) guided meditative inquiry, mindfulness, breathing exercises, and visualizations in order to explore emotions, beliefs, and cope with difficult emotions triggered by traumatic events that may have contributed to the blockages. It's  bodywork and energy-healing session in one! Sessions can be combined. 



For individuals and small groups ( 3 to 5 people)

Per request 


Creative Expressions Circles


Per request 


Holding Space for Small Groups


Per request

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