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Hello! I'm Rosario...

healer, sacred space curator, artist, & life transitions worker

Un poco de mí ... a short story

I am a New York state licensed clinical social worker who uses creative and somatic healing modalities and plant medicine to explore resilience, body(ies) and healing.  I grew up on the vibrant Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico, in a communal environment surrounded by extended family and nature.  

I am a creative supporter and companion who has a consultation practice, facilitates and holds space for individuals and small groups, and I am an artist & mindfulness based art workshop facilitator. I feel the most vibrant when all of those things come together to support people in their unique healing process. My practice supports people of all genders who are looking to thrive in life doing liberatory work and who are looking to invite in more clarity, purpose, intentionality, joy, connection to themselves and/or spirit, and ease into their lives.

I am not in this work to be the one with all the answers or to “heal” anyone. I’m interested in being in the questions with you, bringing curiosity. I’m very aware that the desire and willingness to be engaged in healing is already within you. I’m interested in supporting people as they reconnect and remember their connection to their own wise inner healer.

I welcome any and everyone who desires support in their healing process. In the last 2 decades, I’ve worked with many different people navigating what comes our way in life.  I am queer and a survivor of multiple forms of violence. Much of my work has been directly in service to and with survivors of sexual & physical violence, alcohol/drug use, and chronic illnesses in particular queer-identified folks, transgender, gender fluid folks and other folks marginalized by dominant power paradigms. I began this work in the early 90’s working with grassroots & community-based organizations, transitioned into being a harm reductionist and rape crisis counselor in emergency departments in NYC and worked as a trauma-informed therapist in several non-for-profit agencies before I left to focus on putting together a consultation practice (Creative Healing Initiative), which was released in February 2016. The Creative Healing Initiative (CHI), holds a vision to facilitate the enrichment of community members through every life stage. CHI brings together innovative, creative activities and holistic wellness services in a vibrant collaborative space. 

I feel myself drawn to healing work, both supporting others in their process and working more closely with healing my own manifestations of trauma. I love doing work outside the medical industrial complex that supports healing & supports people as they give language to their own experience. 

Currently, I embrace the identities of Afro-Caribbean, Puerto Rican, queer cis-woman, artist, healer, pleasure activist, plant medicine-lover, transformative justice seeker, nature worshiper and a dreamer…

Let's be curious together! 

(862) 800 - 7603

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