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During these challenging times it is important to pause and reflect about our offerings to the world. In these times for healing and radical self-care I am unlearning and co-creating spaces for transformative healing justice. 

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At Creative Healing Initiative, I believe our well-being as humans is intimately tied to the health and sustainability of our families, communities, and world.  I work in collaboration with service providers, community leaders, and healers that are dedicated to offering the NYC area compassionate and accessible well-being services that integrate a variety of holistic, multicultural, and integral approaches. Creative Healing is about creating a brave space to be, heal, and explore possibilities in a tranformative way. 


Rosario Lopez-Rivera, LCSW

Vision Holder & Healer 


"The Connection to Your Authentic Self is Sacred" Rosario López, LMSW

Experience a transformative way to heal your body, mind & spirit

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